Join us! (membership)


Joining the GSAA, helps us to:

  • Conserve your villages
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Influence your local authorities

 As a Member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • We seek our Members’ opinions and keep them informed on vital issues by e-mail, regular updates on our website and through our Newsletters;
  • We comment on the local authorities’ proposals for new housing and on the sites being put forward for these;
  • We report on the changing planning system and monitor planning applications;
  • We encourage the protection of the environment;
  • We hold meetings for Members during the year.


Membership is by household and the subscription is £2 per year. To help Members and to save administration costs for the association subscriptions may be paid either annually provided they are paid by bank Standing Order, or five years in advance payable either by cheque or electronically by bank transfer.

If you would like to become a Member, please print and complete the Membership Form (noting the instructions on the form).

Existing Members

Existing Members are reminded that, to save administration costs, the association communicates with its Members (Newsletters, Information Notices, etc.) solely by email. If we do not have your email address (which you can tell if you have not received anything from us for at least six months!),  please print and send us an updated Membership Form , following the instructions on the form.