Constitution (As amended and approved April 2014)

1 Name and nature
1.1 The name shall be the Goring and Streatley Amenity Association.
1.2 The Association shall be non-profit-making and shall not engage in party political or religious activities.

2 Objectives
2.1 To conserve and enhance the distinctive character of the locality by: stimulating appreciation of the beauty and history of the two villages; promoting good architecture and planning compatible with the established character of the villages; encouraging the protection of the environment and features of historical interest whilst accommodating sympathetic change.

2.2 To enhance the quality of life of the two villages through advocacy and action by:
arranging meetings and lectures, by publicity , by communicating with the appropriate authorities and organisations and by supporting community schemes that benefit the Goring Gap; assisting the two Parish Councils in the development and implementation of their respective Village Plans; ascertaining the opinions of members and responding to their concerns.

3 Membership and subscriptions
3.1 Membership shall be open to people over 18 who live in the parishes of Goring and Streatley.
3.2 Honorary Life Membership may be accorded by the Committee to members who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the Association over a long period.
3.3 The financial year of the Association shall run from 1 January to 31 December.
3.4 The minimum annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee prior to 1 January. It shall cover all people over the age of 18 of one family living in one house.

4 Officers and Committee
4.1 The Officers of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer.
4.2 The Committee shall consist of no more than twelve members including the Officers.
4.3 The Committee shall hold office from the end of the Annual General Meeting at which it is elected until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.
4.4 The Officers shall be elected by the Committee at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting.
4.5 Elected members of the Committee shall hold office for three years. One third of the Committee shall retire each year and shall be eligible for re-election. Officers and Committee members co-opted under Clause 6.4 shall relinquish their office every year and shall be eligible for re-election.
4.6 Notwithstanding clause 4.5, an Officer or a member of the Committee may resign their office at any time and shall be deemed to have resigned if a motion calling for their resignation is carried in General Meeting.
4.7 The Honorary Secretary or other nominated member of the Committee shall keep the minute book and such other books as the Committee or General Meeting may resolve.
4.8 The Honorary Treasurer shall receive the subscriptions of members and shall keep the account books. All monies received on the Association’s behalf shall be paid as soon as practicable to the credit of the Association’s bank account.
4.9 The Honorary Treasurer or other nominated member of the Committee shall keep a list of the members of the Association.

5 Nomination and election to the Committee
5.1 Candidates for membership of the Committee must be members of the Association. They must be nominated in writing by two members unless they are Committee members standing for re-election. Nominations accompanied by the written acceptance of the candidate must reach the Honorary Secretary not later than eight days before the Annual General Meeting.
5.2 Should the number of nominations not exceed the number of vacancies, the positions shall be declared by the Chairman of the meeting to have been filled without contest.
5.3 If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, a ballot shall take place. The names of all candidates standing for election or re-election to the Committee shall appear on the ballot paper. Two scrutineers shall be appointed by the Chairman of the meeting.

6 Role and powers of the Committee
6.1 The Committee shall be responsible for running the affairs of the Association and may seek advice and make decisions on behalf of the membership.
6.2 The Committee may, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing:
appoint members to represent the Association at Planning Meetings, Public Inquiries and before the Lands Tribunal; take Counsel’s and/or Solicitor’s opinion and instruct Counsel to represent the Association in any proceedings; bring or defend, or join in bringing or defending, any legal action in the interests of the Association.
6.3 The Committee shall have power to appeal for funds to advance the objectives of the Association.
6.4 The Committee shall have power to co-opt members to fill vacancies among the Committee pending the Annual General Meeting.
6.5 The Committee shall, out of the monies received by the Association, pay all proper expenses of administration and management of the Association, and shall use the residue of such monies towards the objectives of the Association as it thinks fit.
6.6 The Committee shall meet at least once in every quarter.
6.7 A quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be four members; in the absence of a quorum, no business shall be transacted.
6.8 Voting in Committee shall be by a show of hands and a motion may be carried by a simple majority if the members present and voting. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

7 General meetings
7.1 The Committee shall decide when General Meetings of the Association shall be held.
7.2 An Annual General Meeting shall normally be held before the 30th April in each year or as soon as practicable thereafter to receive the Committee’s report and accounts, and to elect members of the Committee and an Independent Financial Examiner of the accounts.
7.3 An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Honorary Secretary at the written request of not less than twenty members of the Association.
7.4 At a General Meeting business may be transacted only when the meeting has been properly convened by giving fourteen days prior notice and when a quorum of twenty-five members is present.
7.5 The Chairman, or if absent, a deputy duly appointed by the meeting, shall conduct every meeting of the Association and will put a motion when it is considered that the views of members have been sufficiently expressed. Before putting any motion, the Chairman will sum up, and in so doing it will be in order to advance a personal view. The Chairman shall ensure that the meeting has before it any decision of the Committee on such motion.
7.6 The Chairman shall declare a motion lost unless it is proposed and seconded and on a vote supported by a majority of the members present. Should the voting be equal, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
7.7 Voting shall be by show of hands unless otherwise directed by the Chairman.
7.8 The Chairman may, if thought fit and if a resolution to that effect is carried, adjourn any meeting for a period not exceeding 21 days. Any later meeting shall be deemed a continuation of the adjourned meeting and accordingly no notice thereof shall be required.

8 Amendments
8.1 The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members voting at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting properly convened as defined in clause 7.4. provided that ten days notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to all member households.

9 Winding-up
9.1 In the event of the winding up of the Association, the disposal of the funds shall be decided by a majority vote at a General Meeting of the members.