Aims and Objectives

The Loch Weir At Goring On Thames
Image by Paul O'Loughlin ©

GSAA Members are residents of both villages who share interests and concerns for the neighbourhood and its community, including:

• conservation of the beauty, character and setting of the villages;

• improvements in facilities and services to enhance the quality of life in the Goring Gap;

• good architecture and planning;

• the environment of the Goring Gap;

• local services, businesses and infrastructure including traffic and transport issues.

The Association supports sympathetic change to achieve the aims above.

To further these aims, the committee organises meetings, keeps members regularly informed, monitors the activities of the local councils and utility providers and advises members of situations which call for action. We have very recently updated our website Goring and Streatley Amenity Association and improved our two-way communication with members, which will enable ready consultation on current issues.  Recent examples of these have included the Goring Neighbourhood Plan, railway electrification and the HydroPower scheme.

Our interests overlap with several other village groups, and links to their websites are listed here.

Please Contact us to send any comment or feedback in all these areas.