What the Association has achieved

Since formation in 1962, GSAA has been influential in conserving the character and riverside tranquillity of our two villages. In our early days we were instrumental in influencing the route of the M4 and the burying of power lines on Streatley Hill. Subsequently, we initiated and supported the National Trust’s purchase of The Holies to stop use of the site for motorcycle scrambling. More recently, we helped initiate and create village plans and design statements for Goring and Streatley and we persuaded Goring Parish Council to prepare a basic plan to cover the welfare of those affected by a local emergency, such as a gas leak or flood. All of this has established our ability to work constructively with our respective parish councils and other organisations.

We are the only voluntary organisation in the Goring Gap which regularly reviews Local Plans and related documents drawn up by the local authorities and we contribute to formal consultations. As a Member, your voice can be heard – and this should become increasingly important as the Government’s ‘localism’ agenda develops.

Sustainable, successful communities are dynamic and evolve over time. Although change can sometimes be unwelcome or controversial, we believe that GSAA should take a proactive stance in managing and facilitating it. We support sympathetic change and aim to anticipate rather than to react to it.